It started with a line 

Cold Saturday morning in Chicago

 November 2012 

Visiting friends in a town we love 

A line that stretched around a street corner and half a block beyond 

The girl in front of me responded “Doughnuts,” when I asked  

Then she told me the shop did not open for another 40 minutes 

Something special must be waiting   

This began an odyssey of sorts. The "doughnut travels"; searching towns and cities, standing in lines for doughnuts, all while dreaming of starting our own doughnut shop.  

Why Tupelo? Our family has travelled to the Apalachicola Bay in Florida to relax, unplug, and enjoy the comforts and friendliness of the Forgotten Coast for many years. Among the oyster catchers on their home-made boats, tonging up a day’s take, the shrimpers, the adventurers and the day trippers is the largest contiguous stand of white tupelo trees in North America, and the center of tupelo honey production in the United States. These trees produce the most distinctive and highly prized tupelo honey in the world. It is made by bees only allowed on the trees for the two weeks the trees are in full bloom. 

From a forest: perfection.  

The name “tupelo” goes beyond something sweet, for us. The honey is eternal, yet for us “tupelo” is a place. A mode of existence. An environment. Something special in the ordinary. Something sustaining. 

We thought, "what if we have doughnuts made by incredibly talented pastry chefs and team members, with flavors that are balanced with unique combinations?" Doughnuts that are made with incredible local ingredients to create a comfort food that is something special in the ordinary.

  What if we create a doughnut shop with a little of that Forgotten Coast comfort when people stop in to see us? A space to share our doughnuts that is warm and inviting, with the same folks greeting you to start each day.  

Have an adorable doughnut truck (or two!) that can go to their neighborhoods, or events. And offer delivery to people’s homes, or offices.  

And serve a great cup of locally roasted coffee for only a dollar. 

Our company directive is not complex: Hire creative people, give them the tools and support they need, then get out of the way and let them do good work. Inspired work. Create a space to truly be a team, where success is shared by all, and life is a balance between work and those you love. Simply put: happy people make great doughnuts, which make other people happy, and hopefully takes them to a place of comfort and relaxation in the interstices of their busy days…that place is Tupelo. 

tupelo doughnuts...Something special in the ordinary.